4 Steps to building an “EFFECTIVE” OFFER!


Your offer is the key to unlocking your business. It’s one of the first things you tell people when you introduce who you are and what you do. So how do you make your offer simple and effective? We’ll discuss that today so you can make your pitch expertly efficient every time!

Step 1: Understand who you are! I think first thing is knowing who you are, which means job title and what you do. So that’s something that you always have to keep simple. You need to organize key points. So when you pick your title (whatever your passion is) what can that position do for people? For instance you make coffee. What sets your coffee apart? What ingredients do you use? What do you believe about your service? And what’s the importance of coffee? So you may look at these 4 questions and say how do those simply explain me here’s an example pitch;

Hi my name is “X” I am a specialty barista. I believe coffee is an essential way to get your day started! Using premium ingredients and “y” equipment, I can guarantee every cup will give coffee lovers everything they need to attack the 9-5!

It’s that simple! A couple of sentences which garners interest by making people wanting to learn more about you if their interested.

Step 2: What issues does your business solve? When you create a title the first thing everyone wants to say is I do this and that which is great. In a society where even if you’re the first to do something I promise you won’t be the last. So how do you set your business apart? Why would choosing you be good for me? Why would your product or service become a necessity in my life? You need to create an offer that you know is good for your position. To be honest in my opinion I think your offer should be what creates your job title! Every job solves “x” issue. Cashiers handle the issue of money. Businesses solves the issue of product/service. So everything you do needs to solve an issue!

Step 3: Think progressively! Not only do you need to solve issues. You need to think of how do you keep moving things forward. Business is all progression. Products will be introduced. Technology will change. Things will always move to simplify things and you never want to be in a position where it’s simplified so much you’re no longer needed! So with business you have to grow with it. Stay up to date on trends and always keep the latest tools available. Learn the “trendy” terms in your industry. Notice issues people and businesses have had that’s related to you. Life is a learning curve you never want to allow yourself to get behind.

Step 4: Keep it simple! You never want to talk to much but at the same time you need to be interesting. Learn to be vague enough to offer intrigue. You don’t need to explain the in and out of every process and everything you do. But you do need to create interest that I want to learn more about you. The goal is to create a need to the client. Not the other way around!

If you do these 4 things I promise you can build an offer that’s tested and ready for the road! It’s like an elevator pitch, when you don’t have time for spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations to get interest. Rather your networking or prospecting you need to always be effective and quick without feeling rushed. Express confidence in yourself because as much as your goal is to just gain interest you have all the knowledge you need to take care of the client for the entirety of your service. Know yourself and believe in you!

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