Coaching Decisions: How to choose the right coach for your needs!


When choosing a life coach multiple factors come into play. We want to make decisions a lot of times based on time, location, and budget. Those are all healthy ways to analyze because when it comes to the spectrum of coaching so many people offer the services these days. Given that you can find a coach almost anywhere let’s break down some of the most key pieces to coaching that isn’t a one size fits all answer.

  1. Fit- Coaching is a process where just like nutrition the wrong choice can completely ruin your system. Coaching requires trust, compatibility, accountability, and clarity. If we can’t work together as a team towards a common goal the services will never be rendered useful to you. You may be able to find a million coaches that offer services but they may not fit you and your needs best. Their skillset may not help you achieve where you want to go in life. Maybe they can give you all the right information but they don’t take the time to nurture it correctly and you walk away from the experience feeling cheated. If you don’t take the time to understand your needs and how much the coach is willing to invest in you, the decision can ultimately be damaging and not good for either party. You leave feeling unhappy maybe leave a bad review. The coach leaves feeling like it wasn’t a good fit and chooses client’s differently. Either way, the experience needs to work well for both parties so growth can happen!

  2. Investment- This is a very trusting and confidential experience. You’re placing your life in someone’s hands whose goal is to build and not damage you or your trust. A coach wants to create an aura of trust, confidentiality, motivation, and support. Within the relationship, the coach is the backbone of your needs. The coach is someone who holds you accountable and is also your biggest cheerleader. If a coach is not willing to invest a deep amount of time into you. Uses the same tools they use for everyone else. Chances are you won’t gain much from this experience because it’s not customized to your needs. The goal isn’t to sell you on services. The goal is to commit to your success and progress just as much if not more than you. I want to push you to the next level to see you have all you want in life. Authenticity is a game-changer!

  3. Personalization- THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU! LET ME SAY IT AGAIN… THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU! This is not an agenda-based situation. As a coach, I’m interested in “your” best interest, not mine. My goal can’t be to push my products, services, and agenda on you. The goal is to make this all about you and how we can find the most direct and successful way to obtain it. Your wish is my command. So not only for me to customize this to fit you correctly. I want to mesh with your personality. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. If I can’t get in tune with you this program isn’t in the best position to succeed. Like any successful relationship requires it takes someone fully invested and like-minded so we can build properly! By creating these 3 factors we’re on a journey for the ages.

  4. Commitment last thing I’ll say is if you are not committed all of this is for nothing. Without a commitment from both parties, this agreement is destined to fail. Initially, there’s always excitement you can see quick gains and progress. Once that excitement dies down though and you’re not working as hard. You get comfortable or start falling back into old habits is where the real coaching comes in. To be able to find your success we have to break the mold. We can’t fill your cup with old and stale. We have to fill with new and refreshing so things can grow properly. Time can get hard in this stage but this is where the trust in the relationship comes into play. If we can get through this period I can guarantee results!

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