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So I’ve been heavy into marketing lately since I became an entrepreneur. Honestly it’s been hard to break into especially for someone like me. I hate people 😂 🤔 😂. I can be honest with y’all no lies here. People get on my nerves. At the same time you have to learn to live with them 😒. Anyways Social Media genuinely is a great way to gain visibility to whatever your message or brand is. However learning how to use it effectively is the hard part. It’s way more then just posting whatever you want. You have to learn the platform and learn what your offer is. After that it’s finding the best ways to increase the visibility of it. I’ll give some tips that I learned since I been on to hopefully help anyone whose looking to gain notoriety quickly!

1. Who are you? 😂 This is a serious question when you first join think of it as starting from scratch. You’re a someone who now has a platform to speak. Which is great it gives you the right to say whatever floats your boat. At the same time it also gives the consumers/clients/market a right to ignore you. Just because you speak doesn’t mean we have to care. So you need to learn how to create an impression. Your voice has power. And your words impact people. So make sure you always choose wisely and use the higher ground. Personally I think positivity draws more attention than negativity but for some people any attention is good attention. I’m all for whatever makes people happy!

2. What are you trying to promote! I talk about this a lot but I can’t say how important it is. Your offer needs to be clear and your brand is the basis to grow and support it. Some of the things I learned early on is you can post whatever you want but don’t veer to far from what you’re message is. It’s your personal platform but leave the personal things at home. You want to share who you are and give a peak into your life and what you do. At the same time you never have to tell people everything. Especially when you’re in the business field. You promote what’s pushing your goal forward. Now if there’s something you can effectively use your platform to speak out about and join with others absolutely do it. But while establishing just focus your message and push the brand. That’s most important for your growth!

3. Personality adds so much! So you leave your personal things at home but your personality, show it off! People need more than just a message. You have to be able to have a brand that pushes a clear message. That brand is you. So while pushing that message people need to see who you are. Be inviting. Be helpful. Become innovative. Become a leader in whatever your pushing. I need to not only know your message but know that you can create and deliver it. If I need help if your the source I know you can help educate me. Learning is everything! Never forget that. If you can’t grow a brand because you don’t know much, no matter how quickly it grows it will die just as quickly!

4. Foundation vs speed! Everyone wants to become an overnight sensation. Going viral is the hot term people use 🤢. Personally I can’t stand it but that’s just me 😂. However let’s say you go viral for whatever reason it’s possible. Once you gain the attention what can you do if you don’t really know much about your topic? It’s like one hit wonders. Your song may be catchy but when it comes down to it if you don’t have much talent people will find out quick. You’ll just become another here today gone tomorrow. And I think there’s way too many examples of that for me to have to point it out. So when you build a foundation you have something solid. Whenever you do start to gain attention you can continuously move the message forward. Because your constantly moving forward. You becoming a presence and a teacher should be the goal. You want to generate clients which means you want to make people better. Your service or product needs to be consistent so people know their getting the same thing every time they come across you. When you have high quality, great value, thoughtful messaging, personality that can’t be duplicated and push business forward everyday. You become a “CORNERSTONE” which means you won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!

Hopefully you enjoy the content! I’ve been thinking of ways to add new blog posts and I think I want to introduce some new topics. I’m trying to push this blog to become updated daily but I’m not going to lie some days I just need some me time 😂. Overall the point of this blog is to help solve business issues and offer tips that move and grows all entrepreneurs. So if you want to have a 1:1 and have a deeper conversation with me make sure to schedule a consultation. I have my new coaching program called passion project! I want to grow as many businesses as possible. Starting up can be a little difficult but once you get going I promise you’ll love what you do!

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