Announcements: Travelling Soon!


Today is going to be a short post but I’m excited for so many things I had to share.

1. Alphapacklifestyle is official! We’re officially an owned and operated business dedicated to building entrepreneurs, content creators and influencers. It took a lot of work to get here but a little over a year later here we are! Can’t be more excited for all the updates on the way this blog is going to become really busy. Have to give a shout out to my partners and everyone who helped me get here (including my haters 🫡😂). Honestly without you guys pushing me, showing up, supporting, caring enough about what I do, I could have never grown. I needed all the good and bad from you so I could find my best version of myself. Really feel I’m on the verge of something major and it’s been all those days I didn’t have it someone found a way to help me see who I really am. So forever grateful for every single one of you and I mean that 💯.

2. Two new sections will be opening as a spotlight/highlight for businesses and influencers. I know how I got started all the work put in and doing it without too much help or guidance was difficult, at the same time necessary. I want the experience I had in growth to carry over to all the people who want to build and want more out of life. I want to take the culmination of my talents and experience across the world. Meeting as many people as possible trying to grow and build the next generation of entrepreneurs. More details on the full plan to come but wanted to put the update out there. As the ink dries in the background I know new beginnings are on the way!

3. Working on becoming an angel investor. Not only do I want to help build businesses through my expertise. I want to be able to provide capital and opportunities to help accelerate growth within a certain time period for people really ready to take off! This step has been a really large hurdle to get to where I want to be. It took a lot of studying and building assets to prepare. I want to build teams and support people so they can have everything they need to become successful. This website is going to become a hub for everyone looking to grow their own dreams. I know it’s possible because I’m finally living mine!

More major announcements and updates on the way! I can’t say everything because things aren’t fully settled yet but shortly they will be 😉. I feel my excitement growing because I’m doing something different and I’m doing it my way. It took so much faith and belief to get here. So to see things paying off after a year means so much! Now it’s about scaling it and making it something that’s necessary for anyone ready to create their own dreams.

Appreciate all of you again! Keep your 👀 open for updates soon!!!

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