Authentically With What Matters

What are the most important things needed to live a good life?

I think a lot of people tend to view life as what you can accumulate. These tend to determine what’s viewed as successful. Personally life is too short to try to appease other people, or societal norms on what makes you happy!

Thee number 1 thing in my eyes to live a good life is to have the people you enjoy it with! I don’t care how much I accumulate. I don’t care how many places I’ve been. I don’t care how many things I accomplish. I know who I am! I understand my greatness and what I bring to the table, but it’s more than about me. I work and grind everyday for the people I care about. The ones I want to see succeed. The ones I want to build something special for. At the end of the day I build everything because of the smiles and the laughs I can share with others. The moments I can cherish. The times I know I’ve gone through so much to open a door nobody thought was possible. I want to bring a peace and stress free life for people who never had the opportunity to enjoy that. My line that I build is to open a path for people who deserve to live their best life with opportunities that’s always been denied to them. Those moments of enjoyment make it all worth living!

Number 2 is defying the odds. I’ve always been the person who wants to take the hardest challenges. I live through my reputation and the example I choose to be. To live by my goals, morality, character is to be the best I can possibly be. I’ll choose to take anything on because my biggest fear is to say when it’s all said and done I didn’t do everything I possibly could. We have one life what’s the reason to hold back!? Why would I want to end with regrets? Why would I want to end with what ifs? Why would I sacrifice what I truly want just for moments of convenience? I rather do it all. Experience the highs and the lows because I know no matter what’s thrown my way I can make it through anything! I want what I build to be something that’s remembered. So when my name is dead and gone you’ll always see the effects of my example. I’ve always wanted to be the best. When’s it’s all said and done I know I’m going to be one of…

Number 3 Authenticity! I can’t be anyone but myself. What I do isn’t for validation. It isn’t for approval. It’s for what’s in my heart and what I’ve always wanted to be. As a kid in school you used to hear “be all you can be” and ” follow your dreams”. So why not create everything I can possibly build if that’s what is the goal? Learning to overcome the doubt. The noise of other people who decided to give up on their dreams. The constant rat race of building someone else’s plans who at the end of the day could careless about you or what you want. Why not be the best version of me that my heart has always projected for me? I can’t stop doing what makes me feel good. I can’t stop being the person I am no matter who tries to stop me. I can’t stop fighting for the right things because of how much resistance I get. I am the authenticity I want to embody every day. No matter how much or how little I do as long as I’m happy with me, what is there to complain about?

Without these things I feel you lose yourself. You lose the purpose of what you’re here for. Everyday there’s another chance to see that dream through. I want to maximize my life and become everything that makes my heart happy. Because when it ends I want to go with a smile on my face. That’s truly resting in peace!

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