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When it comes to life coaching there’s no singular way of doing things. Since I’ve decided to enter this field professionally I’ve learned a lot of things. For one life coaching is real and exists 😂. Honestly I never thought of this as something to get paid for. In my eyes it was more of being there for people and offering guidance to anyone willing to accept it. The ability to positively change someone’s life meant more than any accolade I could receive. Rather it’s just seeing someone happy, being there in a down moment, or just having someone genuinely be there for you just because they want to and nothing else!

My goal has been to always offer an experience. Something that challenges you, taking you from status quo to something that expands your capabilities on all levels. I think even in the diverse field of coaching people tend to want to look for degrees. How long have you been doing this? How popular are you? How much money do you charge or make? I think these questions can be helpful to finding the right person, but they aren’t the true test of how good someone can be for you.

Truly coaching (my opinion) comes from the people who care about your growth. Wanting to see you become everything you want to be! Not everything that makes me correct or does things to my liking. When it comes to growing a person I don’t care what age, the validation is seeing them progress naturally. You don’t buy sunflower seeds to see them become roses right? So why should a person with their own visions and ideals have to fit in a society you deem fit? Coaching is to always get the best out of “who” and “what” you are! Finding the strength and creativity in everything you have to offer individually. While building structure and support to improve that.

Success can be found no matter how you do things, but the real question is how do you measure success? Personally success for me is sticking to who I am regardless of circumstances. Being willing to grow despite resistance. Moving away from any and everything that actively tries to hold me back. Ultimately success is determined by you and is only ever found in it’s authenticity! Nobody can tell you what success looks like. Some people who play video games all day are looked at as lazy by other people. At the same time that’s what they enjoy. It’s something so enjoyable it’s a real profession for people who care enough to pursue it.

Long story short, you always have the right to choose your own path. You can create your own greatness by embodying what you want to become. Knowing this you also have to take the good with the bad. Knowing there’s haters and people who actively want to see you fall. You’ll never quite see the change until you want to become it! Some of the names that turn on you may surprise you. Some of the people who accounted for a lot of years in your life you may find out what their true value is. Positive or negative choosing to become your best self is always a personal choice. And anyone who denies you of that is denying you an opportunity of development. Regardless of what you believe in, that is your right as a human being! To change anything it starts with yourself. Be the change you wish to create. Intentions matter more than anything. Where your heart is will always show itself. And at the end of the day the success is found within your ability to do what you want!

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