Brand Development 101: Organic vs Services


I’m excited to get into this topic today! So recently someone spoke to me about some membership services which, I’ve only heard about before but never really considered. They explained to me more the value of it and I thought what an interesting topic to make a post about. So for all of you trying to build or promote a brand this is for you!

When it comes to content and brand development it takes time. So whenever you’re ready to start something new get ready to buckle up because you’re in for a long journey. I think when you want to create value you have to invest something valuable. (I.E energy, time) Nothing will ever just happen overnight. Even with something that goes viral thing of it like a fad, easy comes, easy goes. Growth and development on the other hand comes with consistency and time. So the question becomes when you invest so much how do you get people to take notice? That’s where the deeper question becomes how do I want to build my product?

For me when I started I wanted to go the route of organic growth. I do everything the hard way (that’s just my personality so sue me 🥱🤣). But for everybody that’s not the way to go. I chose organic because I wanted my brand to attract people who was genuinely interested and wanted to find my content useful. I wanted to become an anchored resource for my target audience that will build and progress their businesses forward. So to do that I have to invest more time, value, and content creation abilities in everything I do. So I don’t immediately get all the likes. Depending on where the algorithm of social media stands I don’t always draw interest or impressions. At the same time I do attract messages and follows which doesn’t become seen to everybody. I’m not an overnight success but everyday my brand grows. Some days I only get messages. Some days I only get follows, but something happens consistently to show me that I’m developing something!

Now on the flip side there’s membership services. This I’m just getting hipped to but I understand the appeal. Essentially you can do your brand growth and content creation. You create your marketing campaign however you want and add these services to what you do. These services are designed to make you look more successful and appealing to the social media audience. By the moment you post the group your apart of are aware and they come in and add likes to your post. This makes your post “seemingly” more attractive to the algorithm and can get seen by more people quicker. Usually they say you want to get attention in the first hr. However in my personal opinion I don’t particularly enjoy this method. Even though you can appear successful and maybe attract more likes, that doesn’t necessarily equal money or value. Popularity is great but if it doesn’t add to your business how valuable is it? If you’re not connecting with your target audience and just have bots that add likes are you truly growing?

Which brings me to my final point on what truly matters to you? Personally I feel they both are great ways of doing things. They can become successful no matter which way you do it. My method is exactly what it is, “MY METHOD” I don’t claim to be the end all know all but I do know the research I put in everything I do. I also believe balance ⚖️ has a place in everything. A mixture of the two can be a great way to create success and spread your brand more. So rather your interested in speed, popularity, money, or growth, you have to always choose what feels right to you more. From there understand your messaging and what you aim to accomplish. I think doing all the little things add up to one big thing. Most importantly doing things the right way we’ll always bring the value you want. Effort is never overlooked I promise you! The more your working to become something the more opportunities will take notice because they value what you do!


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