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I’ve had a chance to work on my business for awhile. Constantly planning, running numbers, checking the latest trends it’s exciting! With that time I discovered not only more things about the business world I didn’t know before but, I also discovered I wasn’t labeling myself properly. In the business world we tend to look at the already made paths. The titles and positions already laid out. Trying to understand where we fit in and how to make our skill set fit in. I ask you though: What if you’re doing it all wrong?

Just like those doors became open and opportunities was placed, why can’t new ones be? What if instead of trying to fit yourself into someone else’s box, you stepped into a whole new world of opportunities designed perfectly for you! You might ask how is this possible and that’s where I come in to play.

See what I’ve learned overtime was looking at business the wrong way causes stagnation. The more you limit yourself to others opportunities, the more you limit your ability to create. Instead if you ask yourself what do I love? What’s always captured my attention? What are my best skills? And how can I monetize those? Then you begin opening new doors. Stepping into a realm few others dare to go.

Opportunities don’t create themselves. Their made by those who dare to find them. The hardest paths offer the most rewards but it’s “DEFINITELY” achievable. Taking time to learn yourself and your skills will open doors that you thought may be silly but can be something where you’re the only competition! You may see well that means nobody’s looking and I’ll say or it means no one has made it yet! People always look for things hard to find it’s what draws us in life. People look for unique activities, interesting experiences, diverse lifestyles. People are quick to step out of the box it’s just about accessibility. I can tell you not only can I open the door to your personalized career path. I can build you the step by step process market and monetize it!

This blog is now active! This will be my home to talk about careers, Entrepreneurship, marketing and lifestyle. This is my place to be able to have open dialogue. I plan on doing interviews with influencers, entrepreneurs, and content creators. I want to show the importance of going for your dreams and how dedication can guarantee you success. I know how far I’ve come in a few months. That’s not to say my path has been easy by any means but if I can do it I know it’s possible! I help coach entrepreneurs through the journey. I do consulting and marketing work. So every step of the way I’m with you. You can bounce questions off of me and we can make connections so during the entire journey you’ll be supported and educated to take off wherever you want to go!

I believe I’m a special opportunity because I know how much I had to go through to create it. I’ve always been very diverse with my skill set. I became a right hand everywhere I went. Still have companies calling me today to come back it’s just not my path anymore. I love the opportunities I had to learn at those places but now I know I don’t need them anymore because I can create everything I need on my own. A lot of times it’s just being brave enough to take that leap. I know now that first step is the most important. On top of that I’ll be the support I always wished I had for every step after that! L

Let’s create your dreams! There’s a link on this website for you to schedule a free consultation. I’ll also leave a link to my LinkedIn profile if you want to message me there as well. I’ll be doing a newsletter with information, interviews and analytics projects. I’m getting my schedule down for posts but expect weekly posts from here on out! Hope everyone has a good day I’m excited to be of service to all of you 馃槈.

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