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When you read this quote what do you really think about? So much of how we live and what we do is our perception. How we see things. What we believe in. What we “view” is possible. In a heartbeat we’ll take others example and see the life they created and say I wish I had that. Or I wish I could do that. My question to you is what’s holding you back?

Great businesses are no different than you and I. A matter of fact their merely an example of what can be created when you invest the time, energy, effort, discipline and dedication to making it come true. If it’s so impossible to be achieved have you ever questioned how they got it? Maybe you can say some people got lucky. Maybe you can say some people were gifted with a situation you didn’t have. Maybe you can say some people are more educated than you are. I say this we all start with a situation we didn’t choose. We have family members we never asked for. We have circumstances that just seem to happen that we’re not sure how or why it’s come about. But what if all those things are for a reason. What if your purpose is being made manifested through your story. What if the ability to overcome your situation to create an opportunity is the way it’s meant for you if you choose it. What if taking advantage of this moment meant you believed in you can be everything you wanted? This is why great businesses and strategies all start with the individual first!

No 2 stories are the same. You can replicate someone else’s way it doesn’t guarantee you the same amount of success. Look at basketball for instance two of the greatest players are Jordan and LeBron. Does that mean their the only great bask players to ever do it? Even to look at them Jordan came before LeBron. LeBron used his game as an inspiration to become one of the best. Do they play the same? Do they have the same amount of success? Do they have the same body? No! Buts it’s their differences that make the conversation so interesting to debate: whose the best? It’s the same with business. I can tell you my business model. I can give you my testimony of life and what I had to go through to get to this point. I can write start to finish everything about my story. Does that mean it will go the same way for you? Does that guarantee if you lived my experience you would make the same choices? See this is truly the beauty of life. Our differences is what makes us better. Our viewpoints and perceptions is what offers a different shade of life. This is the strong points of creation because everyone can create a slightly different reality with belief plan and strategy! I’ll give you the guidelines to how you can accomplish this.

Business plan is the model of how you want to build your idea. You come up with what you want your business to be. How you want to go about it. Who do you want to involve. How long “you” believe it should take. And whose the people your business will identify with the most. The purpose of this plan is for you to have a guideline on what way you should go! Your Business plan is essentially your compass. It creates a clear direction that tells you how far you may or may not have strayed off your path. It provides a format to move forward. A strong business plan and the discipline to stick with it creates an opportunity to find the success you desire but, you need more than a plan to be successful!

Strategy is the next key component. You have to understand to build anything new. To build anything exciting and different there’s going to be roadblocks and obstacles. See the more you want to bring about change the more people who are used to the same reality don’t want that. In life we attract both good and bad. You want to be great, some people never want to see you past them up. You want more, some people believe your competition can make them have less. Life is always a tug of war. A push and pull aspect. The more you have means the less I can have (this is false but convincing people of that is difficult). See life is like an ocean it just flows constantly. When you fight against the flow you fight a losing battle. Records are made to be broken. What once was considered great at a time, easily gets passed by. Which is why your strategy is important. You have to learn to navigate the ups and downs. You have to learn when you reach a difficulty or failure, what did you learn from it? When something seems impossible why is it? When you take these steps you guarantee yourself a chance. Life always works in your favor no matter what it looks like. Understanding your intentions, goals, and direction is what you need to understand your results.

Belief! Believe! Believe! Believe! Lol it’s so important to have this. Belief is your heart! This is what makes or breaks the entire operation. The moment you stop believing in something how can anyone else? This is why support is so important on your journey because the hards are difficult (not impossible) but difficult nonetheless. When you have a support system that believes in you. Works with you. Helps you to achieve what you want. Their not your crutch, their not your catalyst, their support! This will take you further. See belief entirely comes from within. It comes from a place of hopes, dreams and imagination. The things when you were young people tried to hold you back from. Are the biggest catalysts to some of the best things in life. People wanted to fly they learned to build a plane. People wanted to become great healers, theirs illustrious doctors. People wanted to be the fastest, strongest, jump the highest, theirs elite athletes! Everything in life is obtainable but if you don’t believe in it how can you ever accomplish it! We’re all hear for a reason. My reason is to help you find yours. All I ask is for you to just have a little faith!

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