Coaching tip: Let people be themselves!


Some things in life can’t be explained. Doesn’t really matter who you are, or how you do things…

I think I’m trying to understand the best way to write this post but you know what this won’t be my most well written today. See I don’t care how this comes off sometimes authenticity is all that matters. Today is one of the days that I just need to speak my mind. So my grammar may not be perfect. There may be typos but you’ll understand what I’m trying to say because this is a one and done post.

I saw a YouTube short from the Spider-Man movie and it ended up being the best way to sum up my weekend, but in general it sums up so much of my life. You can try so hard and do everything in your power to change things but sometimes it’s just not in the cards to work out. Life has always offered a duality, good and bad, positive and negative, love and hate, life and death. We don’t always get what we want. We can’t make people be different. We can’t always accept past actions. One thing that always is the truth we’re exactly where we need to be!

Rather you made the right choice or the wrong one there’s something to learn. Maybe you stayed too long in something you should of been out of. Well you get the chance to see everything you need to see before you let go. Maybe you wasn’t better before but because of it you learned to be. At the end of the day there’s only one line we all control and it’s ourselves. Everyone isn’t meant to grow with you. When you got goals you can’t take everybody with you. Some people hate that you want to grow and do better. Some people wish on your downfall. Some people you want so badly to take with you, but life says it’s meant for that to end…

I think pain is a catalyst for a lot of things. Some of the ugliest things create the most beautiful beginnings. You learn to get comfortable with your strengths and weaknesses. You get time to really see who you are when you just live with the flow. Being in a place where you can see it all for exactly what it is feels like a blessing and a curse. It’s something you can’t go backwards from. Once the truth is out there it can’t be put away again. Lesson at the end of the day is learning to live with it because pain doesn’t last forever. Neither does mistakes. Neither does endings, because there’s definitely a new beginning on the way when you’re ready for it!

Saying goodbye and putting something to rest was always meant to bring peace. 💯

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