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Wanted to run through everything I do for clients looking for a consultant. Whenever you see a newer business knowing what they can offer you is great. I like to guarantee the quality of my work. Knowing that when you add me to your business you’re adding a cornerstone. That builds with intentions and ethically. I don’t sell dreams I create them. Achieving goals is the only purpose to move every client towards multiplying their income, brand awareness, and innovation in the industry.

1. Personal assistant work- When you see startups and small businesses sometimes it’s difficult to do everything you want because of how many things you have to manage. What I like to add is a chance to lighten your load so you can focus fully on all the things you want to create. I assist with scheduling, emailing, daily tasks, networking opportunities, errand runs. The goal is to simplify the process for you so you can put energy in the task that specifically requires your focus for the day.

2. Content Creation- I take pride in messaging. Your business mission statement helps people understand not only what you do but how important your service and clients are to you. Being able to convey messages clearly displays your transparency and raises brand awareness. People love to know what you’re about not only with products and services, but what you do for the community. Things you believe in and ways you offer thought leadership can really help with gaining new clientele. The ethics of a business drives sales, job creation, local and national awareness. When you continually interact with your target audience you create a comfortability and trust that’s a game changer in the field!

3. HR and innovation- Personally I believe client acquisition is important, but most important is retainment. How you treat people you work with! How you deliver on promises! How much effort you put in resolving issues! These things are a “MUST”. Rather it’s clients or employees how much you care really attracts more people to your brand. So many want the focus to just be on the dollar amount but the investment in people is how those dollars are always present. I offer tips, new business practices, thought leadership, and innovation to make you become the leader in quality and value. No matter how you package anything the value is what makes it all worth it, and keeps people coming back!

4. Marketing- Brand awareness and growth is a staple of AlphaPackLifestyle! I want to build entrepreneurs and businesses that have been overlooked, developing, startups, and influencers. During the industrial revolution small businesses were the biggest impact on society. Still today it hasn’t changed. There’s an originality that comes with something not as well known. There’s a quality that they can offer, a fresh perspective, and hope they give to up and coming generations. Being able to market through social media, word of mouth, event planning changes everything. Marketing puts the community on notice with everything you’re doing. Not only marketing to clients but b2b marketing helps create a collaboration to advance businesses quickly. Being able to communicate effectively and understanding your offer helps draw target audience, sales, followers, and partnerships.

5. Aligned acquisitions- This one is an exclusive of AlphaPackLifestyle. I’ve created a unique method of being able to quickly build certain businesses ready to start today! This method works only for those who have their plan set, know their budget, and the direction they want to move in. Being able to find unique opportunities most people aren’t aware of just by understanding you and your business. This one takes close work and is going to be a special for my 90 day package for people ready to go all in!

The work I do isn’t available everywhere. I know from my experiences how much I can create. Utilizing me is an asset to any business who wants to become a thought leader and new edge in the business industry. My goal is to completely makeover the business landscape and create a career field where everyone is happy and money is always abundant. I fully believe in investing in people first. The time I dedicate to creation insures the job is done right and effectively. My goal is 100% satisfaction. I guarantee the quality of my work and build plans designed uniquely for each entrepreneur/business I work with!

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