Content schedule for this wk 3/24-30

Short post today. This is something I think will be helpful for anyone reading the blog consistently.

I’m going to start making a schedule every Sunday for the upcoming content days of the wk. I was going to add topics for each post day but I like the spontaneity of how I feel in the moment.

This wk I’ll be posting 3x! Huge improvement over the last few months. Ready to take on consistency and deliver information I know can be helpful. I know how much it’s done for me and my journey to building my passion.




This schedule is official as of this posting. I thank all of you for reading in advanced, and for your comments. The fact you take time to tell me how you feel on any of my work goes a long way. Positive or negative the interaction is meaningful to me.

I hope everyone has a great rest of their evening!

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