Creativity is a gift!


*Believe in your own ideas*

I think it’s fair to say most people like things “easy”. People don’t want to try hard to do everything. A lot of people don’t want to try at all 😂🤣( I just laughed too hard at that I’m sorry 😂) Returning to the point! When things aren’t simple a lot of people aren’t just hanging around capable of doing them. Some tasks in life requires innovations and foreign concepts. Foreign doesn’t necessarily mean domestically. It’s just a new concept to you.

When you don’t have diverse opinions, new ideas, and interests besides monetary gain things get droll and driven downhill (“My opinion!”) I know that’s a sensitive thing and I try to be respectful of everyone 😇.

Take this blog for example! I’m pretty sure this is a different and creative way of doing things. My goal is to create thought leadership and brighter professional opportunities for young entrepreneurs tired of droll! We are too talented to just sit and wait for our lives to end. So many people have more interest in being right and in control, than letting things run their course. I’m one of the type of people who have no problem voicing their opinion. Because throughout my experiences intellectually I’m on my own original level that’s comparable to anyone.

So think of this new blog direction as a movement to change the entire business landscape. I’m starting small but I’m extremely confident in my direction. I’ve seen humble beginnings to the verge of major changes. This blog is a chart of my journey and the ultimate barometer to see if I pulled it off 😏. I know how much confidence I have in me. And at the end of the day, my “MOST FAVORITE” thing to do is prove myself!

Can’t wait for all the new talent that’s about to get the attention they deserve! I’ll be seeing all you guys soon. Travel updates to come in the future 😀🎉🥂

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