Deep work


The power of your mind has so much untapped potential. Most people don’t try to think beyond superficial layers. When you can deepen your thoughts and understanding you create realities not seen by most people.

Had a conversation with someone today where I had to step back and really understand the situation. The ability to be responsive over reactive takes away the normal path most people go down. The world tends to revolve in cycles because everything is so much cause and effect. To break the status quo you have to take time to think!

Thinking requires understanding of yourself and the people you involve yourself with. In business relationships are just as meaningful as personal relationships. Not only do they carry impact on your lives, they are an investment that requires time, effort, and energy. When built correctly and treated properly these relationships can take your life to a level you never been.

The benefits of patience, thinking, and consistency makes a new pathway. You might see people in a way most people don’t know them. The receptivity molds deeper relationships. Creating new opportunities that allow collaboration to make something that you could never achieve individually. The want to just has to be there!

Most people fear the unknown. The vulnerability that comes with failure is too much for most people to try. That’s because the awareness of factors that’s not as meaningful as going for what you truly desire is too much. Personally the work has to change for there ever to be more. You can’t change other people but you can change yourself. Digging into what you truly desire, how you can create it, and what people align with that direction helps you get on the path with the support along the way to gain your desires.

Know thyself! Might be the simplest concept but it’s the most overlooked. So many try to fill the holes and dislikes they see within themselves with people pleasing. Which only offers immediate gratification before slowly devolving into a even lower position than you was previously. You can’t chase what you want through others. You only find it by knowing you! The more work you put into knowing yourself and the commitment to improvement makes everything easier. No matter the problem or issues that present itself you’ll always know how to overcome them.

Everyone wants to be great. Not everyone is willing to work the simple concept of developing slowly. When it comes to personal work you can’t skip steps. Anyone who does it shows so easily where they are. No matter what your bank account says. No matter what the public appearance you try to make says. Surface layers never tell a whole story. Actions always prove everything. There’s no replacement of doing things the right way. There’s only the truth! Who decides to see it is determined by who really does the work.

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