3 Tips To Improve Determination For Entrepreneurs!


For every entrepreneur the start of your path is created by a dream. For that dream to be realized steps need to be taken towards the goal. This can be the most difficult part of the process because it’s new! Whenever you begin you have to learn how to manage your time. How to break your normal routine and create a new one. How to overcome the day to day tasks that aren’t associated with your passion. In this post I want to offer some tips on how to overcome the process!

1. What matters most to you? For you to step into the path of Entrepreneurship you have to leave the norm behind! Starting the process takes dedication. It can be difficult to leave the 9-5 to fully embark on the journey. Everyday you’re going to have tasks that hold you back. The question becomes; you can come up with every reason why you shouldn’t get started, but can you come up with a reason why you should? When something really matters to us we always find ways to do it. Rather it’s to go out and be social. Go to bed early because your too tired. Take on work projects to get ahead. Regardless of the reasons to not do something. You only need one reason to do it, It’s for you!

2. Your Business is your career! It’s a hard option to leave guaranteed money for something you’re not sure when it will succeed. At the same time just like you make sure to find a job that will pay you what you’re looking for, you can put that same time and energy in your business to make sure it’s successful. Whenever you go for something you really want, you pull out all the stops for it. It’s the dedication and time that changes everything! You learn how to succeed. You learn from how others failed. You learn what it takes to grow. You learn yourself! Which is the key to everything. Mastery over your desires. Discipline to stay consistent. Dedication to succeed! All of these things take time. Don’t let time become your fear. Time is the incubation for growth!

3. What are you chasing? The biggest difference from successful businesses vs unsuccessful ones is your why! People who start business solely seeking money more often than not fold because they can’t handle failure. Business is not about chasing money it’s about chasing passion. You can take this statement and ask what about big business that basically generates money? My question to you is how did they get there? The mind behind business understands the market, they understand what they do well, they understand how to market their brand, and they understand what people need. This is the essentials for success. You’re offer has to create the opportunity of money. Your Business has to be a desire. Regardless of what you do there will always be a way for that to be possible. It’s just are you in it solely for money? Or are you chasing a dream? Because you’ll never give up on your dreams. That means you’ve given up on yourself! There’s always going to be an easy way to make money but business is the most satisfying feeling you can ever have because it’s all about you!

When you think of business like your child you would never quit on it. When your business matters to you, you make sure everything is put in place for it to succeed. You research, you learn from trial and error, you notice every issue, and you always find solutions. Take care of your dreams like your child and I guarantee you will find your success!


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