Doing The Work


This one was on my mind first thing this morning so I knew I had to get it out 😂. I’ve been learning a lot everyday. The goal of self mastery pushes you to new heights. Improves your creativity, and opens the door for limitless opportunities!

One thing I’ve learned is that flow changes so much. Detachment from set outcomes and dates makes everything so much easier. You focus solely on the day to day. When it becomes about the needs, then the wants you see step by step where you are.

When you want to create something new or start it you have everyday to keep going. You have everyday to learn the landscape, and see how you need to adjust. The stillness of understanding you and your desires makes it so much clearer to accomplish them.

Once you learn what you want, everyday becomes a refinement process. It’s not about knowing how to do everything. It is about knowing what you do well and how to put yourself at the top of what you do (if that’s what you’re interested in)

I’ve always been one about achievement. I can’t stand to be mediocre or avg. Because that means I got comfortable not trying. I never been a lazy person. Pushing to do more because you desire more comes from understanding your desires. I care about the people who mean something to me. I want to see everyone successful. So in the grand scheme of things I could never be average. There’s too many people I want to see live their best life. I do everything possible to make it happen.

The best thing is when you accomplish what nobody thought you could. When you deliver and create what so many believe was impossible. Then that’s your time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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