How to easily create content “DAILY”!


This is a topic I think is important for a lot of people. I think creativity becomes limited because how much we see what other people are doing. It’s easy to question how something is or isn’t working. Especially when you’re tired and feel like everything you post has to reach a certain number of views or likes to be successful. In this post today I want to discuss one very easy process to create great content everyday with zero effort!

Step 1: Be original! Don’t worry about how to create something just think of whatever comes to mind. Remember your business is always your first client. So your process, your success, your failures, your hardships. All of these create the testimony to your story. Don’t be afraid to share. The more you explain gives you a way to vent it all out. While at the same time taking in information you see your thoughts. You see the rise and fall of the moment and emotions. And lastly you see how you got through it. That experience is invaluable to someone whose coming up and trying to figure out how to grow their business. Because I guarantee it will be something they face as well!

Step 2: Everyday of your life is content! Content is about a story. Stories always have lessons to them. Using those lessons help you learn and grow. Even if your day consisted of doing nothing guess what the lesson is? REST IS IMPORTANT! 😂 You may have done nothing from feeling tired, burnout, or low energy. Either way you naturally took a necessary step and gave yourself a break. Something as simple as that helps people understand that even with being an entrepreneur life isn’t a 24/7 grind. As much as working towards your goals, planning and building is essential. So is rest, recharging and getting your energy up.

Step 3: Energy! The way you express yourself and come off needs to be authentic. Displaying your authentic self through your work and effort. Showing how you overcame a situation or hardship. Even with how your still struggling with something makes you relatable. You don’t need to be perfect! You need to be real! People will always connect with someone they feel is genuine and interested in helping others. A lot of our work the goal is to make money. At the same time free content and being willing to be of service magnetizes people to you. Never be afraid to do more. Even if you think people will steal and repurpose your content it’s ok. Life always finds a way to bless you for your efforts. Your time will come! Guaranteed!

Step 4: Just do it! Don’t overthink and lock yourself into a box of is this good enough? Will people like this? Did I say this the right way? Don’t worry about it. Again the point of content is to display who you are. Your thoughts, your way of doing things. This is more about you than anyone else! You want to put out material that not only are you confident about but you will stand on. These are the pillars to your foundation. You want people to want to come to you for your unique perspective. Not something they can just find anywhere. If you want make yourself just like everyone else, how could you ever stand out? The goal is to separate yourself from the crowd not join!

In conclusion content is all about you! Be willing to do it and make the necessary steps of not trying just doing. Don’t lock yourself in analysis paralysis. And always be authentic. Things may happen slowly. You may not be an overnight sensation. But taking steps everyday and making sure you’re doing things the right way will build a foundation that when it’s going you’ll never go backwards! Your rock solid and you started from the ground up. You found success through your failures. Not the other way around!

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