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I’ve been reflecting a lot lately. When your kids you’re so imaginative. You have so many thoughts and ideas. Depending on your surroundings you either get shot down or told shoot for the stars! Regardless of where you’re from it’s always up to you if you choose to pursue that.

I learned very quickly (trial by fire 😂) I wanted more out of life! When you go through so many challenges and obstacles to create everything you ever want it takes dedication. Dedication takes the discipline and persistence to achieve whatever you believe is possible for you! Nobody can determine your limits but yourself, and it’s on you to not let anything deter you from that.

To get to where you want to go you have to learn to build a personal roadmap and take the steps to get there. A lot of people believe just because they want it, it should happen instantly. Coming from a society that’s all about overnight success, get rich quick schemes, or simply cheating or manipulating to get what you want. However when you build something genuine and authentic. Stepping into the purpose you feel is truly yours it takes time and consistency. Even if the consistency is not linear.

Dreams are truly possible. Success is determined by you. No matter what you choose to put your time into, you consciously make that choice and it’s up to you to follow through. When your passionate about something you create an undying belief it’s possible. No matter whose with you or against you, you’ll stop at nothing to accomplish it!

What do you want your template to be? What mark do you choose to leave when it’s all said and done? Maybe you’ll spend your time listening to other people create limits for you because they don’t see it as possible. Maybe you’ll spend your time living in the shadow of others example who never wanted higher or better.

Personally I choose growth! To build something you never created you have to do things you never done. Don’t fear the unknown embrace it! Maybe you have to move on from people you’re used to. Maybe you have to be uncomfortable for awhile. Maybe you have to lose direction to find an ultimate destination. Most importantly you have to choose who you really want to be!

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