Four years later what’s changed?

Yet another interesting article pointing to the polar opposite side of the issue. You tell me what’s changing? In one case there’s a dead man with a city that’s had nothing but empty promises and time to just move forward past the issue. Someone who was defenseless gets killed.

On the flip side we have someone who “supposedly” assaulted an officer not only came away unscathed, he played golf the same day at his job. But the police are apologizing to him for not doing their job correctly. This country is a joke! The biggest reason is that money rules everything. Ethics means nothing. Morality doesn’t matter. The color of your skin and what we can leverage is all we push for.

You can read the tea leaves in this article as much as you want but I know corruption firsthand! I’m making it my personal mission to start tearing down corrupt leadership. There’s a better way of doing things and it starts with uniformity in how you treat people. I prioritize doing things the right way and nobody or nothing can ever stop me from being that! Integrity matters unfortunately this country chose to prioritize entertainment and dollar amounts over that.

Guess we’ll see how entertaining it is when the shoe is on the other foot! Change starts now and I plan on embodying and standing on everything I say. I know what my word means and when I’m determined I can’t be stopped. I’ve seen enough. Most importantly I’ve experienced enough! I seen how you operate from the inside out. I have more than enough information to rip y’all apart given a fair opportunity 😏

Watch me do it!!! 💯

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