This feels more like a journal entry today then a blog post, but I need to get this off me today!

When you talk to a lot of people you need to be able to discern whose, who. One of the rarest traits to find (atleast in my experience) is honesty! So many people blur lines, purposely leave out details, tell vague stories that would only carry trigger words for people who don’t know better. Feels like your only goal is to mislead gullible people who have no interest or knowledge of what fact checking is!

This might be my all time most hated thing. I can’t stand a liar! There used to be a point in my life where I truly didn’t care. I knew it was a lie so it was enough to just ignore. Nowadays NOPE! I can’t do it!!! Nothing makes my blood boil more than someone who not only is a liar, but doesn’t even have enough awareness to realize when they been caught in a lie. I mean one lie is enough, but when you keep compounding then I can’t do it.

Happened to have an encounter today that was enough to just realize I know when to walk away. I’ve always have before but sometimes there’s truly no value here. Personally I don’t care what anybody does but atleast have the character to own it! We have so many covert ops out here. Everyone wants to be everybody’s friend and at the same time only out for themselves. I’ve had a life filled with too many of these type people. At my age now I don’t have the tolerance to deal with it anymore.

This isn’t a judgement feeling. It’s just recognizing whose with you and whose not. Being capable of recognizing situations and understanding what you’re not for! I can’t be around or even in a circle with people who compromise my values and beliefs. If we don’t align it’s for good reason. I have no issue saying good day to you! No hard feelings 😁

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