How to overcome the mental wall of creativity?

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I think we’ve all had a time where not knowing what to say or what exactly to express has happened. Maybe it’s something you’ve practiced multiple times but once the moment hit it’s like everything just locks up. One of the easiest ways to prevent this is not to overthink!

I’ve been working on this a lot lately but when it comes to your mindset you have so many thoughts and ideas it’s like a highway. Everything going every which way and you want something to stick. When you take the time to slow down and take inspiration from a topic you like or are interested in. Even an opinion of someone else and look to formulate yours in that moment some of the best things start to bloom.

Creativity comes from your originality. It never goes away no matter how much you write or talk. But it mainly comes when you just do it. Analysis paralysis is something that can slow everyone down. The need to be right. The need to seem smart. Worrying whose going to think or say what can prevent you from so much. Knowing that it’s just your viewpoint. You’re value that you want to offer because you feel for someone it can help out pushes you to create.

Overthinking freezes you makes you feel not good enough. Makes you feel insignificant. Makes you try much harder then you need to. Life isn’t about trying it’s just doing what you can as much as you feel you should. Our best moments come in response to a need. Not so much a desire! Desires are fleeting and change as much as emotions but this moment that never leaves us is all that we have. When you focus on the now how you feel and what you’re thinking you tend to create at optimal capacity because nothing else matters. It’s just you and what feels right!

Pursue your now! Don’t chase thoughts ideas or others path. Create what feels right. Sometimes what’s right is to do nothing and that’s ok too. The most important thing about moments is you’ll always know when it’s your moment. That’s your time to act!

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