I just want to pass go 😂


Tell me if you played this before?

If you haven’t let me introduce you to pitfalls 😂. No in all seriousness this is monopoly. The game most people never finish because it takes to long. The game most people aren’t even fully sure what the rules are. The game where if you want to win you got to keep passing go. Welcome to real life!

If I learned anything in my life what I learned is “monopoly” is a real thing. Most people look at this and see opportunities. Maybe you have favorite locations. Something you always want to own if you’re in this game. I’ve seen some of the most successful players go bankrupt and get kicked out in a few turns. I’ve seen people have no idea what the rules are and quit. I’ve seen people who believe their the most savvy have their feelings hurt and stop talking to people for awhile 🤣🤣🤣 (true story 😂).

The point is no matter how you try to approach this, what this game is truly about is survival and determination. I’m not a religious person by any means but if your familiar with something called “taoism” it teaches you the art of flow. Just like how you see any body of water depending on the moment or time it can move in any direction but the moves are effortless. No matter what it always returns to source. Well think about this the same way with monopoly. No matter what issues you get going around the board the goal is to survive and keep making it.

Just like a fight some people believe the person who hits the hardest win. The real point has always been the last one standing. Resilience and adaptation will help you survive anything. For the most part no matter what you do learn what the rules of the game are!

The best scam artist in the world!

I learned everything about life from this scam artist 😂. He has a million ways to cheat you. Just like the system aka government. No matter what you do at any moment you can get chosen. That selection may not always be the best thing don’t get your hopes up too high 😂. I can either break you or give you an unexpected gift to manage. Either way you can’t live or die with the chance. You have to create strategy and moves to grow where you want to be.

You truly learn how to beat this game when you learn regardless of whose playing. Regardless of the roll of the dice. Regardless of what cards you pull. Regardless of what properties you own. You always have to make the best way to survive and grow with what you have. Eventually you’ll be coming down the line of you passed go! Guess who gets to collect for beating the board 😏

I’m one of those people who love collecting! I think it’s time to start collecting every time. What’s your strategy? Over the coming months I’ll show you how to build one step by step! I’m a winner and that’s the people I love associating with, because I know we can get through anything!

Coaching packages coming soon. New topics and marketing strategies on the way. This blog is going to be something you can’t find just anywhere. Can’t wait to see everything we build moving forward. I’m a dreamer. The skill most people don’t want you to know. I know how to make them reality! 😏💯

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