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A question I consistently get asked and see a lot of places is how do you earn money as an entrepreneur? For so many it’s difficult branching out from security, where you’re consistently earning by a salary or a hourly position. First let me start by saying I don’t earn money. I “MAKE” Money! There’s a distinct difference and I’ll explain to you what it is…

For starters when you get a job, you sign on to handle “x” amount of responsibilities that another party deems fit is worth “y” dollars. (nobody said there would be math involved 😂) You may negotiate some to get closer to an acceptable amount for both parties but, mostly this is an element out of your control. Someone determines your schedule. (typical 9-5 🥱) Someone decides when you can take breaks 😑. Someone decides when your vacation is given and acceptable 😒. Pretty much to get a job you sign your life away and your free time. Often times your underpaid, under appreciated, and left feeling drained. Sound familiar? As much as this is a normal practice for most people my question is where does this leave you? Your investment made is to reach a modest living to pay your bills, take care of your family, and get the things you want when you can. If you go to college and get a job maybe your dollar amount is higher and you picked a job that holds enough value to you. You created a large debt to get paid a larger amount. While still not getting the experience you need to fully prepare you for what lies ahead. You neglect yourself at every turn and constantly work on other people time while giving them everything in life that’s important, time, energy, resources!

As an entrepreneur you control your own destiny entirely. No one pays you to do work they don’t feel like doing. You “make” money by doing things everyone can’t do! People come to you because your valuable! I can’t just hire anyone to be you. I have to give you what you’re asking for! I have to give you my time and attention! I have to work around your schedule and what you seen is acceptable. You control your own fate solely by being your best self. Your investment is made in making yourself better and improving your abilities. All of your money belongs to you! You don’t split the pie (unless you want to) with anybody else. This is the value of being an entrepreneur! This is life when you say I know my worth and I’ll never let anyone else determine it again! So how do you get there? I’ll give you 3 tips to immediately improve your value:

1. Know who you are! Every person has things that make them go. They have ways that are unique to them. They offer skills that everyone doesn’t. And if they do they’re level with them isn’t the same. Take the time to build on those! When you know who you are and what you do you’ve created an offer. No matter how many people do it you’re offer is different because you create the worth of it. You determine the value by how much time you want to put in it and great you can build it.

2. Invest in yourself! Instead of going to a school that will eventually give you information to help you in a certain job or field. Take the time to put it all into you. Learn skills, read about people who have done it before and gotten good at what they do. Learn trends and set yourself apart by constantly staying up to date on information. You’re life is a blank canvas and you’re the Picasso. The picture only turns out as beautiful as you want to make it. When you constantly sharpen and improve on yourself all you do is smooth out all the edges. What may have started as rough is now amazing. Educating yourself, growing from experience doing it, and giving yourself a consistent flow of knowledge is crucial!

3. Discipline of consistency! Life pushes everything has to be immediate. This is the biggest lie in the world. Let me ask you a question. If you ask a person what do they want to be. Let’s just say an astronaut and you immediately place them at NASA are they going to be successful? I think that answer is obvious. See just because you want something giving it to you immediately isn’t what makes you good. You have to learn what it takes. You need to learn the discipline to stay with it. You need trial and error to perfect it. Most importantly you have to learn if you really like it! We all get what we want, but things you really want you constantly work for! You do this work because the value it offers to you. Through that value you create your own. This is the path to success!


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