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We all have something that gets us out of bed in the morning. Rather it’s kids, family, job, bills, etc. We do the things we have to because of responsibility but what if there’s another way you could go about things? What if there’s a chance life offers so much more then the base line we’ve all known? A lot of us live with the formula of go to school get good grades, further your education in a demand market to give yourself the best chance to find a job. There’s nothing wrong with that way if that’s your choice. Plenty of successful have gone down this career path. Does that mean it’s the only way to go about it? You might say no because you can learn a skill, master a trade and make money that way. Again plenty of people have done that and lived very successful lives. My question to you is how much do they enjoy these things?

Within those 2 career paths are choices that lead to decisions. But none of them come from doing something different. It’s the same tired method that leads most people to burnout and working careers where they only are in it because it pays the bills. Or because they’ve done it so long it’s too late to change now. Maybe it’s because it was what they was told is the way to do things and we can’t help our programming (😒 this line annoys me). What people fail to understand is you’re allowed to be different! You’re allowed to pursue your dreams! You’re allowed to make your own decisions! To do that you have to dedicate yourself to your wants! Not your families, not what helps you survive, not other people’s opinions! You have to dive into your feelings, your thought patterns, your passions to discover what you truly love!

The way of an entrepreneur is filled with untapped potential. Before coca cola what was there? Before eBay or Amazon what was there? Before the Internet what was there? I might be dating myself with that last one 😂 but you get the point. Things don’t exist until their created. Those creations come from passion built by individuals who want to innovate. People who have a vision and want to carry it out! There’s a saying “an optimist builds a plane a pessimist creates a parachute”. The meaning is no matter your thoughts there’s always contractors. Even with that being true both things exist and are useful but you know what makes more money and gets used more planes! Optimism is needed for passionate creations. You have to dream big to achieve greatness! You have to know it’s not just a dream its a plan that you’re going to carry out. You have to learn how to build and make a way for it to be possible!

Dreams are given to each of us for a reason. Passion is the flame that burns deep within each of us. But a lot of us sadly suppress that because nobody else believes in it. We might lose people close to us because we want to be different. The fear of failure takes over and it’s safer just to do something for money then to create a new path. Either way it’s always your choice! I say to those that are daring! To those that are adventurous! To those who know they want more out of life! To those who are tired of seeing the same thing, this is for you! This world needs you! We need originality! We need strong opinions! Diverse ideas! Originality! So much of the world today is copy and paste. That’s become so beaten down that it’s no longer about the product. It’s more about how much money we can see and how much control does it give me. Nobody wants to do hard work they want everything immediately. Nobody wants to sweat and grind. Nobody wants to sacrifice. Nobody wants pain. But I’m telling you that pain makes you! That sacrifice empowers you! And that hard work pays off!

When you want better you have to be better. To be your best that means you have to be you! Not anyone else. Not working for someone else. Not building other people’s dream. You have to go down your path because that’s what was designed for you. That’s why it’s what you feel inside! Don’t let someone rob you of an opportunity that you can never get back! In life no matter what we do you see: maybe that connection you thought was forever didn’t work out. Maybe people you thought was in your corner betrayed you. Maybe that job you really wanted didn’t call you back. Let downs happen all the time and it’s ok because it’s about how you bounce back! Do you let the actions of other stop you from progressing? Do you quit just because something is hard? (not impossible just hard 🤦🏽‍♂️) I know too many people that do. At the end of the day not only are you giving up on yourself. You’re giving up on the door you can open for so many people. The inspiration you can truly be by carrying forth defying the odds. Don’t give ammunition to haters. You have nothing to prove to anyone but you do owe it to yourself to make the most out of your life! Because living with regret is worse than the inevitable end we all face one day.

Today is the day to be more. Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us. Yesterday we can’t change. You can always make money. You can always find authentic connections. You can always make the most out of your life. You can’t ever get lost time back. You can never recover from quitting on yourself. Don’t let you go! Instead give you everything you look for from other places. It’s all inside you! If you can’t find it you can always create. Love yourself the way you always wanted others to love you! Pay yourself the way you’ve always felt like you deserved! Hire yourself for the position you’ve always wanted to be! No one else is needed you just have to take the time to learn, build and become. There’s always been the highest yielding investment nobody talks about. No it’s not the stock market or real estate. It’s yourself! When you invest into you, you watch your life transform into whatever you want it to be. Confidence is contagious. Inner strength is unshakeable. Passion is forever!

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