Lifestyle Success: 6 tips to become a leader


Back from my short hiatus 👏. Got to say it’s good to be back! It’s crazy how much things can change in a short time but I love seeing all the positive, really has me feeling motivated about the future. Over the course of the last week I was going through things I learned. Sometimes life poses you so many different challenges you don’t know which way you’re going. But when you take a minute to take a step back, look at things optimistically and analyze the challenges you start to see a bigger picture. Which led me to want to talk about a subject that I think is so beneficial. Leadership is so important in life because the directions you can influence people to go in. We all have the benefits of knowing right and wrong, it’s just do you have the courage to walk in your truth. So many people love to do things their way but there’s always the road less travelled and the one everybody wants to go in. To become a leader you have to make the hard choices! I’ll give you 6 tips I learned along the way that helped build me to become the person I am:

1. Love what you do! To be passionate about being your best. To love the difficulties and the hardships. Embracing the challenges and the doubters! It’s never easy to love being different. A lot of times its a lonely road but this is inside of you for a reason. To push through all the difficulties and make changes in your life. To make sacrifices to grow yourself for the best is so fulfilling. Because even though early it’s difficult, when you start to see the results! You realize it’s all worth it. You make changes to improve you and those results are the testimony to why your way is worth it. The positivity and the creations that come from you prove everyday the value it shows. Which leads to the next point…

2. Earn it! Earn the respect of others, peers, teammates, haters. No matter who it is don’t let anyone knock you off your grind. You are the one who believes in what you do. You know what you want to accomplish and the value. Make it a point to always push forward. Your strength is in your resolve! Be true to yourself and to your goals. The respect will always come in time!

3. Analyze! Understand the landscape. Always be mindful of your surroundings. Read information, stay up to date on trends, understand your own growth and analytics. Analysis is everything to achieve. For you to get to place that you succeed in your goals, you have to understand everything. The good and the bad. Accept all criticism and even if it’s just negativity see what can you take from it. They say there’s some truth in every lie. Find value you can take from all information and incorporate it into your growth. This is how you move things forward!

4. Do what’s necessary! No matter the difficulties do what you need to do. You’ve built a routine, you created a goal, you built a plan! You can never give up during the course of this process. You have to keep going because if you fall apart who is going to help you back? Doing what’s necessary keeps you in alignment with what you’re determined to gain. Keep your eyes forward and your head down. When you make a goal you stay determined to achieve it. This builds resiliency that helps you to know, no matter what happens you can get to where you want to go in life!

5. Embody the characteristics! To build yourself up, you have to become what you want to be. If you want to get in good shape, you adopt a healthy lifestyle. You become mindful of what you put in your body. You pay attention to how you treat you body and how often you workout. This is how you become what you want. You embrace the journey! Think about it with business, if you want to become a CEO what do they do? You learn how to build a plan. You learn how it’s obtainable. You learn about the competition. You learn what issues the market has. And you learn from people who’ve done it before. You become what you want to achieve anything in life!

6. Run it! This is a sign all systems are a go. You’ve made a plan, you’ve done your research, you put yourself in a position to achieve. Now all you have to do is complete the process! Chase your goals, chase your dreams, you have everything needed inside of you and you built it from scratch. You’ve pieced together through the hardships and difficulties. You’re ready to gain everything you want you just have to complete the process. The training ground is following through. The results are the rewards! Life is all about the journey. You learn through the struggles. The struggles build the person you always want to be. Diamonds are made under pressure! Never fear the hard times because everyone will chase your finish product!

Coaching program Passion Project is going strong right now! I can’t be happier with how this has been building. It started slow but the traction it’s gained by sticking to it, and sticking to what I know, and who I am has done so much for me. I’m happy to have a chance to meet and help so many people looking to build their lives for the best. None of this would be possible without all of you. And I just want to send a thank you to everybody for it!

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