Mastering imposter syndrome!


Coming off of an interesting weekend I feel I discovered something new that we don’t talk about enough. A lot of times in the business environment looking for clients or ways to sell your products is very difficult. It’s your first biggest hurdle with your business. This can end up breaking a lot of people because either they never get it, or once they do their not sure how to take the next step. In this post today I’ll discuss some of the things I found to not only draw more clients but to ensure you get what you’re looking for in each deal.

1. Practice makes perfect! You may feel like if you’re not working with someone how do you practice. Rather you have a product or service the things you do for yourself goes a long way for what you can do with anyone else. Rather you make clothes or you speak publicly you can always practice. With clothes make things you like embody your brand and become a walking promotion. The more you like things and the more you create your own style with it you can draw interest by your confidence in it and with how it’s presented. If you speak making a YouTube channel and just speak on things your interested in. Share your thoughts on things and be confident in your perspective. Small things like this give you practice so this way when you’re in front of people or start drawing interest your not nervous about anything. You can move forward because you’re not doing anything new. You’re doing what you love and what you know. Business doesn’t ever have to step outside your box. You never have to try or force anything. You just have to do what feels right, and let factors outside your control fall in place.

2. Learn the art of negotiation! Practice takes you far. Confidence embodies your worth! You’re offer has to hold value not only to the amount of money you want to make. It also needs to be to the lifestyle you want to live. Your time matters, the value you get in return and delivery. This covers all basis. You want to work hours that work for you. So many people say this 8x8x8 rule. 8 hrs of sleep 8hrs of hard work and 8hrs doing whatever. I don’t agree with this because this leaves zero variables at any point. You don’t need to work hard for 8 hrs if you can make what you want in 3-4. You don’t have to ensure 8hrs of sleep if your too tired and want to sleep in. You can have time to do whatever you want, for as long as you want, when your schedule is set for how you like! The point is your business is you! Which means it revolves around you and how you are. But to get what you want you have to deliver on your service. You also have to value your time. You can’t ask anyone else to do things you don’t do yourself. Best thing about negotiating just know you can walk away. They need you! Not the other way around!

3. Enjoy what you do! Business doesn’t have to be hard. Don’t focus on money. Don’t focus on clients. Focus on being good and loving what you do. The way you last long doing anything is doing what you love. Being with who you love and valuing what you love. Don’t burnout with time and effort over something you really don’t want to do but you feel it makes money. Customers know when you care, because of the authenticity! You can always feel when someone is genuine. You can always tell when someone really knows what their talking about! Demeanors are different, passion is different. Things just flow when you’re being yourself and talk about things your experienced in. Never change who you are for what you do. Instead bring what you want to your lifestyle. The more you put simple chips in place the easier life becomes!

Overall life isn’t hard. It’s us that tries to take things too seriously and push things to be way harder. We listen to so many other people and follow others path. Originality is so scarce because we worry about what others think. The ones who really prosper in life go for what they want! They live how they want because who cares about anyone else. When has words hurt people so much? Why does everyone need to like you? If you’re successful and your hometown hates you does that take away from your success? If people you wish stayed leave you, but you find happiness does it matter? End of the day it’s all about you. Never let anyone or anybody stop you from finding your happiness!

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