Money can’t be the motivation


Another early morning post for me. Sometimes things be on my mind so heavy I know I need to speak on it. I love having this blog because getting my messaging out and telling my story is going to be so important for so many people.

This is why asking questions is important!

When you have people that have run the world for a long time. When you have people who have been interested in misinformation, false claims, absolute power, violence, lies, secrets, narrative control, live testing on communities and environments. You put those same people in charge of entities that claim to help the very people they prey on. You get a large imbalance!

That’s when a person like me shows up. My story that I’m going to tell soon is so far fetched it seems like it should be impossible. The amount of dollars for people who think they’re too good at what they do for covering up what they did would have been perfectly fine. I’m just one person, what’s one life truly worth right? Well it’s worth a lot to a low % just not because they care. It’s because it grows their pockets. I was talking about endings this week. I think it’s time to start looking at some new beginnings.

See I made a promise to a group of people. I don’t think they took me seriously till they saw you couldn’t stop me. Tides change for a reason. I love the balance in life when it’s taken out of hands of people who think they’ll always get away with it. I believe in treating everyone with kindness. When you do you don’t have to worry about bad things happening. Karma is such a real thing. When you’re inconsiderate of everyone, you never know when you run into your match. Life is all about checks and balances. Without a ✅ we’ll never have balance. Without an unbiased judge truth would never see the light of day!

This post is for people who recognize their actions. Lesson at the end of the day, be careful who you touch. You never quite know who that person is 😏. Wishing everyone a happy Wednesday!

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