Money is fake!


I needed to get this off my chest because I truly hate this topic. Money has to be the most fake thing in this world! You maybe able to see it and hold it on your hand but I don’t think people understand the energy that’s behind it. Money runs our society. It’s something that creates most disagreements and contentions between people. Some of the biggest corporations and companies create a model where money means more than anything else. I’ve seen families torn apart by it. Relationships destroyed by it. People can’t even die in piece without the first thought being money!

The energy of money is toxic. It’s something that once you get it feels nearly impossible to hold on to. The people who have the most money feel like they don’t have enough. The people who have the least money can’t stop chasing or thinking about it. The people who are in the middle of money feel like they haven’t accomplished enough. Money is so fleeting. It’s loyal to no one! The more you have the more problems that come with it. The least you have the more problems you have to deal with. There truly is no winning when it comes to the Almighty dollar! (or whatever denomination you label it)

What truly is enough? What truly creates happiness? I promise you no matter how much we all work for it. No matter how much we all want it. It’s not money that makes you happy. It’s the things you do with it! It’s the people you do it for! It’s the ability to achieve a milestone! Money is fake because we focus so much on we need it to create a bridge to another avenue. Money changes the dynamic of existence. Think about the holiday season, people will work so hard to get enough to buy things they know people want. They work so hard and stress themselves out so much it’s hard to enjoy the reason they did it. The chance to be able to make someone else happy! Or the chance to treat yourself to something you feel you deserve! We don’t take the time to enjoy how we feel accomplishing something. Even to save money is super stressful to people because they feel the need to become so tight they’re counting everything.

Money will always be unhealthy until we learn to build a healthy relationship and healthy boundaries with it! Understand money is a resource to create material things. To add things to ourselves we need to survive. To help build goals we need to get us to our next objective. To take care of people we love! In life I’ve lost so many things I’ve cared about due to something that never sticks around. Some of the people that mattered to me most I’ve had to walk away from because of this little green rectangle that doesn’t even hold a candle to the person I cared about. Money creates such a sad state of affairs because we constantly look at it the wrong way. We don’t live to work. We work to live. We don’t need to have fomo because there’s so many things around us we can appreciate! Life has so much more meaning when we see what were capable of doing, instead of what we’re capable of buying. The hardest fact people can’t accept that money will never buy… Your happiness!

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