This is more of a news update than it is a blog post.

I’m going to be changing some of the posting style. To get this blog the attention it deserves as everything grows I need to optimize how it’s viewed. I’m going to try to incorporate more statistics. Add more research style posts blended with my opinions. Along with search engine optimization.

For anyone trying to create a blog this information will be priceless. I want to make this website the example of how you build everything while journaling all my work. This will be a blueprint on taking a startup from nothing to successful. I want to have all my trial and error works available to be an example.

I’ve been doing this long enough and researching how to grow and build. Timing is an important part, as well as understanding the landscape. There’s tons of websites and blogs so optimizing and improving are key to the growth and development of your website. More news to come soon but after a week of posting didn’t feel right to not say anything today lol.

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