Passion Drives Business!



No matter what stage of business your in there’s a driving force behind it. Something that pushes you to get up everyday. Something that makes you want to be the best you can be. Something that makes you know you’re going to be successful. That’s passion! Passion is just like love. It’s hard, it makes you work, it makes you question your beliefs, it pushes you to be better, it makes you become relentless, it becomes your obsession! This is when you know you found your passion!

Passion wasn’t meant to be easy. But it is meant for you! This is what will get you to take your life, your business to the next level. Finding your passion isn’t supposed to be easy. It’s about self awareness! Understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Finding the real you and not just what you want. This is why it’s hard. If you can overcome yourself. Beating your desires, gaining discipline, and putting the time in everyday will build you to be successful!

So how do you find this? How long does it take to master? Where can you go for help? Well this is the purpose of a business coach. Coaching is meant to push you to be your best self. Bringing out all of the best of your abilities by challenging you! Giving you support through your journey. Rather that’s through networking, personal, or business. The point is to be there for you and to grow you into finding yourself. Coaches don’t know everything but it’s the merger of all your best traits while the coach compliments those. Coaches want to see you succeed and the success of the coach is ensuring that happens!

With all of this being said, I’ve been doing a lot of work to build myself to a coach that can move anyone to the next level. I’ve been searching for a coach for me and have met so many great people 🤩. Couldn’t be happier for the experiences I’ve gain and the people I added to my network! Here’s what I have learned though:

My drive is different.

I work harder than anyone else (not a slight just a fact!)

I care so much about seeing people succeed!

So today is the release of my Coaching program {🎈Passion Project!!!🎉} 🤩🤩🤩

The goal of this program is to take your idea to monetization! I want to find what drives you and build that to a successful business. When you do what you love the work becomes easy. The next easiest thing is to get other people to become interested in that. Passion and love is like a magnet. You’re so confident in it that people can’t help to become interested and want to become a part of it. The world needs originality and people willing to be different. This happens through influence. Your passion can change the world! Think of Mahatma Gandhi. His passion to be a better person influenced so many people. He became a worldwide phenomenon solely for putting time into himself and being the best version of himself. He’s a perfect example of dedication, discipline, perseverance and passion! The thing is you don’t have to share the same goals but you do have to put the time in and you will get noticed! I personally guarantee that if I work with you I’ll do everything to put you in a position to succeed!

So are you ready to take the step towards entrepreneurship? Are you ready to leave the 9-5 to build your dream? Are you ready to announce to the world who you really are? If so let’s take the step today and schedule a consultation to building your “Passion Project”‼️‼️💯


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