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Let me open with an apology to everyone, I said monday I was going to talk more about this program and I did not fulfill my end of the bargain. I’m better than that and I apologize for disappointing anyone who was waiting. However I will not keep you waiting long and my reason for the wait I believe is a very valid one! See monday was a day of introspection for me. I wanted to introduce my coaching program but I wanted to differentiate from anything else anyone has done. See so many people can tell you coaching I can work on your goals, I can make you feel positive about yourself, I can get you on track to success. That’s great but for me this is so much deeper than that. I want you to genuinely learn something new about yourself. I want to dig deeper on issues so that they can be completely removed from your life. I want to eliminate any hindrance to your success because goals are so much deeper than just business. It’s a way of life! For me to be able to do that I had to do ground zero work to understand it for me. In my eyes ground zero always starts personally. I can’t get anyone, anywhere if I don’t practice what I teach. Because to be confident you have to genuinely believe this is possible. I spent the  day reading, doing some soul searching and trying to fix an issue that has plagued me all the way up till now, Confidence! I’ll explain what I mean…

Prize jewels are something that holds a high value. Narrowing that down we’ll call it a diamond. So let’s say 3 different people have a diamond that has the exact same value. But each of them has that diamond with a different presentation. to create the visual lets place it in 3 tiers:

Top Tier- The diamond has been polished, beautifully packaged, and presented with top confidence. They know exactly what they have how much its worth and what they’re going to get for it. 

Middle tier- The diamond is polished. The person knows exactly what it is and what its worth but they don’t have the full presentation of the top tier. This person knows for you to be interested in their diamond they have to do extra work to grab your attention over the top tier. They feel like a secondary option. 

Low tier- This diamond has been in storage for awhile. it’s dusty, doesn’t have good packaging, the person presenting it knows its valuable but they don’t know exactly how valuable it is. They’re willing to accept the best offer they feel they can get and just cut their losses from there.

I ask you what’s the difference in these 3 scenarios? For starters what do we know; They all have the same jewel worth an equivalent value. They all are selling it for profit. They all will draw interest. They all will not make the same amount though, and the reason for that is confidence! Passion is precious, its something that we all personally hold in high value. It’s something that means everything to us, but when we don’t take care of it. When we don’t know how to present it. When we don’t fully believe in what we have, how can we get what we know we deserve for it? This is why nurturing yourself, Taking care of your thoughts, your beliefs, your focus matters! See when you really want something, you put everything together. You make a complete full proof plan. Nobody can talk you out of it! You mentally sold yourself on it completely. You will stop at nothing until you get it! You won’t take less, you won’t question, you won’t doubt! This is the guideline of how you obtain what you want in life.

Going back to the 3 tiers example I ask you again what’s the difference between those 3? The correct answer is absolutely nothing! It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter what you look like. It doesn’t matter what your background is. When it comes to success that idea, that plan, that product/service can always be polished and packaged perfectly! On the flipside it can be shelved, dusty and in question. The one thing it can never be is doubted! You have to know you’re going to be successful! No matter how you package it, present it, or what anybody else is doing, you have to always recognize the worth and know it can look the same as the top tier! Don’t let the presentation stop you, don’t let the competition slow you down, don’t let yourself be willing to accept anything but the best!

This is how I feel about my coaching package! And I wasn’t willing to present it with any form of doubt about my abilities, who I am, my background or my name. Because this is my name! This is my principals! This is what I stand for! AlphaPackLifestyle is more than a brand its a mentality! It’s a never say die mindset. It’s a spartan ready to defy all odds! I know I can build people to be the best they can be with their ideas and find ultimate success. I can reach into your core and pull all of the greatness out of you that you thought no one would ever believe in. I can help you overcome self doubt of unworthiness to knowing you would pick yourself over anybody! I know this because I know what I’ve done with myself. I’ve overcome losses, setback, heartbreak, had my whole life taken away from me. One thing that can never be destroyed though is who I am at my core! My character, my resilience, my passion, my obsession to be the best! except the difference is now, I’m not out to prove anything to anybody. I’m out to show by example this is what life can be! My testimony will be an endless line of success stories starting with me to the next person! Life is truly about what’s next. You can’t live everyday for the past or accolades. You can continually build success, mindsets, goals, and accomplishments. I know your business will thrive because you passionately believe in your product. That’s because you will passionately believe in yourself! 

This friday on linkedin I’ll be offering a free live 30min coaching session. I want to offer people a chance to see me, see my style and see if I will be a good fit to help you create the successful life you’ve always dreamt of! Whoever the first person to show up will be the person I choose to start the coaching session with. Rather you come to watch or you come to participate, be open to learn, be open to a special opportunity! What I do displays me and who I am. But this opportunity, this investment, is all about you!

Heres the link to my live event this Fri 1pm eastern time for a live coaching session. Excited for all the potential possibilities of people ready to make the best investment of their lives!

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