This one is going to be a fun topic because I don’t think everyone is going to agree with what I’m going to say. That’s why I love it so much because in my experience this is what I always knew…


Procrastination for me has never been about laziness. It was never because of doubt. I always feared evolving. I’ve been cool being in the background, staying unnoticed. I never did anything for recognition, and I enjoy being comfortable.

To start down the path of entrepreneurship, especially given the circumstances I had to was tough. It left me at a crossroads of do I leave what’s comfortable, what I love, what I know, to begin again? I’ve always been the hero type. I want to save everybody, I want to grow everybody with me. I looked at everything as collaborative and team effort. Unfortunately sometimes in life if you want to save anybody, you have to save yourself!

So this left me with a decision. To build everything I know is possible. Especially with so many great examples of success. People from all walks of life and starts, am I ready to create mine? Circumstances left me in a place where I had to do it all alone. This was a solo mission. So I had to be able to build everything, support myself (physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally) I had to learn to regulate everything while navigating unknown waters for me. The mission never changed. The circumstances reflected everyday where I was at. I had days I wanted to quit (my 🖤 won’t let me) I had days where I was running through checkpoints, but patience was needed. Everyday offered a new challenge and the option remained the same… Do or do not?

Personally I feel life is just a big test. A lot of people say they try but did you really? I’ve heard if you try hard enough you might just accomplish everything you set out for. You know truthfully what that really means? You did it! The choice is always yours. Rather you delay or start the option is always available. A lot of times people need a Monday, or a new month, or new years resolution 😒. (I got to say new years resolution are the funniest 😂. You waited for a whole year to quit a few days in because it’s tough 😂) Anywho, each individual has to choose on their own. Regardless of the story you’re always in control of you. The you that wants to do more. The you that wants to grow. The you that has their own hopes and dreams!

Procrastination isn’t per se a bad thing. It is a litmus test of where you are. What’s important to you, and when you’ve had enough. Breaking points can lead to major changes in your life. A lot of times those come because of how much procrastinating happened before we did what we always known we should have. (A lot of “we” in that sentence but I’m rolling with it 😂) Take procrastination as a teacher of yourself. Learn why you do things and how to change them. I think we live so reactively because we’re always looking at what others are doing and whose around. We never do the introspection necessary to learn all of the happiness we want comes from within. Not with what we’re living without.

I learned at the end of the day, I’m the hero I always wanted to be. Just the one who needed the most saving was me. The one who was always overlooking holding himself back. To be somewhere he was never meant to stay! People talk about the unstoppable force vs unmovable object. Clear meaning of this: somethings never change, but time never stops. The unstoppable force wins every time because it’ll either move around you. Or go right through you! Time can never be stopped. So why should your progress to becoming “your best you”?

Denzel Washington said in the 🎓 speech he gave.

I’ve never been a victim, and I’ve never been a disappointment. My biggest lesson of them all, was to stop disappointing myself. Turn your procrastination to passion. Find out how much you can really achieve!

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