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Coming off the weekend another great week of NFL in the books. MLB is heading into the world series, and NBA is just tipping off their season. Personally I’m a big sports fan. Being a former athlete football will always hold a special place in my heart but, I still try to keep up with everything when I can. The fact NFL season and NBA is starting up I have things to look forward to in my weekly schedule. At the same time there’s much deeper things you can analyze when it comes to sports. When it comes to marketing, partnerships and target audiences. Professional sports have it down to a T. This post today I wanted to talk about some of the things that I noticed and how you can relate it to your business!

Life when you really think about it is mainly all about sales and marketing. You want to get a job you need to interview. How do you interview, you have to market yourself to a company. Think about relationships. You want to find a good relationship you have to market yourself to show you’re the right fit. No matter what you do in life in some form or some way you have to market yourself. Sports and especially professional sports has zeroed in on marketing. They place a consistent and exciting product in front of you. Turn it into a whole production so that you can see it from every angle and vantage point. They point out things you want to watch before game. They tell you things to look forward to after the game. They keep it on a consistent schedule to get you excited for what’s to come. Then in case you miss it they’ll give you a summary of all the best plays you would want to see. This is ingenious! They do almost all the work for you where all they want is your time and investment. They make it appear so appealing that you’re instantly sucked in. On top of that it’s marketed to the entire family so no matter where you’re at in life there’s something for everyone! I’m going to talk more about how you can put these strategies into your business in another post because this can get really long 😂. But you get the concept here. No matter what life shows you the importance of marketing it’s how you apply it and what you get from it. Pro sports is one of the ultimate marketers in the world!

Sales is important because it seals the deal for whatever your service or product is. For you to become efficient at sales you have to know how to present your product to be attractive and valuable. Take the example of the NBA last night. Opening night is a spectacle. They have commercials with some of your favorite athletes. They promote to kids to being the next generation and anything is possible with effort. Rather your male of female you can follow your dream and achieve it. Then they show you the athletes that put in all the work you don’t care to see, that show up for these games ready to play and for the next 2hrs plus you watch the drama unfold. They show you the importance you have to be present in the audience. They show you the importance of the audience at home with the TV broadcast. They make ways you can be apart of it with gambling. They make it fun, appealing, interesting, and connectable. This is everything important in sales. Being positive and endearing. Having something that you can guarantee the quality on everytime. Delivering on your promises with the consistency. This is how you become effective!

Influencers are such a big part of connecting deeper. This goes to partnerships. Think about Taylor Swift with the NFL. She does nothing but be at the game and people tune in just to see her face. NBA has a person that their marketing (I plead ignorance here because I have no idea who he is. Nor do I care to look it up 😒😂) Either way he has to be helpful to the brand because he’s on so many commercials. Partnering with companies and affiliates that fit into the biggest audience, or the main demographic watching. All these factors are super important. Having social media where people can interact and feel part of things. There’s no doubt not only who you choose to work with, but where you work and how to leverage is extremely important! The goal is to draw people to your product effortlessly. The Taylor Swift example is perfect because the visibility has grown so much just to mention her name because she’s one of the hottest acts going. It’s easily said one of the biggest things in the world not only enjoys our product but she’s part of it because of this connection with our business! This is why NFL is king in revenue they leverage every little thing with little to no effort. The ultimate opportunist!

End of the day when it relates to your business, you have to take advantage of any chance you get. You need to be consistent practice and study! Learn your market. Learn your demographic! Don’t use the excuse you don’t have the funds, time or resources. Scaling is part of things. You may not have what pro sports have but they didn’t always have it either. This was built over years of work. This is why sticking with your product/service is important. You can’t just become big overnight and if you do, don’t rest on that success. Take it as a head start and put the time in consistently to build to where you want to go. Make good decisions! Build smart and effective partnerships! Grow your brand and study the results. I can’t guarantee you’ll become as big as one of these giants. I can guarantee that you will find success and be happy with what you created because it’s all your work manifesting!

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