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Originality has become a forgotten art in our society. When you think about movies, TV, music, so many people are redoing things that have already been done. In some cases they’re just glorified covers of the original. When you find it hard to come up with originality I think you’re working in the wrong direction and I’ll explain what I mean by that…

To be original it’s something that comes from within. It’s your way of thinking, it’s how you feel about things, it’s your perspective. A lot of times we tend to tailor our perspective to what we feel other people will like and want. At the same time I think we put way too much stock into that. For instance people love music. Which means as long as the music appeals to an audience people will love it. Just because something was a hit at a certain time there’s a concept a sound an a artist that made it popular. But everything copied at one time was original! Think about food people love food. So does that mean I need to copy a successful companies taste of food? Or should I copy the business model?

See when it comes to originality that’s within. To find success a format, a path should be viewed to understand what makes it successful and what elements need to be taken to recreate that for yourself. You don’t have to take their style, you don’t have to take their taste. You don’t have to take their way. You can fill all that with the brand new and original information that’s within you. And confidently go about making it successful!

I always talk about “your business” is client 1. So I can only speak about me in this instance. There’s millions of coaches out there. Plenty of successful ones and plenty of pretenders. So for me I have to look at what sets me apart. While viewing other people’s success and failures. To create a coaching program I have a defined niche that’s going to be the hallmark of my business. So how do I make it successful? I have to understand the informations value to every potential client. I have to understand how that information can transform a client into a successful entrepreneur. I have to understand how the program gets them from a to b within a time frame that’s conducive for success. I have to understand how to properly price that to market it correctly! See business is all about the value of the product and the person producing it. Because this creates “resale value”. How often do you leave the experience of me and want to tell others about it? How far did my information help you to go? Did I follow through on my guarantee? Do you feel you learned something from me?

Without this I can’t be successful. This model pushes you to go a great distance in this field because, you have become valuable. I offer a service that opens up the door to build other people. This is why my coaching program I’m refining to make sure it’s perfect! Next week look for the post on “Passion Project”. I’m going to explain exactly what it is and what it can do for you. I want to turn people into a profit instead of just a dream quickly. But it’s all about doing it the right way. I know the value of my program because how much time it’s taken me to get here. How many books I’ve read. How much trial and error I went through to make something worthwhile for every individual ready to take the next step towards their goal! I work hard for you because I want to see everyone win. I’m tired of seeing people have to be hurt by bad jobs. Being undervalued, under bad management, working so hard they never have a chance to have a life of their own. Constantly getting turned down from opportunities they should never even be in a position to have to take. I understand the flaws of life and our fast pace living. I want to make sure you don’t have to choose a lane anymore. You can live within your own with no worried and be successful at it. I want to make sure every person finds the fulfillment they love out of life!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!

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