Successful Sunday


If you’ve been keeping up with this blog you know a major milestone was hit! I’m so proud to say I posted everyday this week 😂. This is my first time ever doing it and I got to say it feels pretty good.

I wasn’t sure I would actually make it happen. Content is hard to come up with. (atleast I thought) Originality helps make a difference. Also changing the format to incorporate everything I’m doing, and not just try to highlight my business acumen with big words or acronyms you never heard of to make you more inquisitive 😒.

I try to be honest from the heart everyday. I give you the heads up on things to come. When I take a month off (probably starting tomorrow 🤣jk) I try to let you know its still work involved. Building this solo takes a lot, but it’s not just activity in posting. There’s a lot in the background that goes with it as well. I want to keep this pace up but for now we’ll see what’s next.

There’s major changes still on the way. Far from a finished product but my goal is to keep improving on where I’m at. I’m within the first year of my official site. The business became official one month ago. Things are starting to gain traction. Just want to say thank you to all the readers, supporters and partners. These shout outs are going to start coming more directly. I just don’t want to tip the cap just yet 🤫.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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