The power to overcome


As a coach, you have to keep your clients motivated and supported. You never know what people are going through and even if you do you may not understand how they got there. It can seem easy just to say do this or that but it’s way more that goes into things than just having all the answers. Sometimes you just need to stop and listen to someone. Spend time just being there letting them have the safe space to express themselves. To create growth seeds need to be planted. They need to be cared for to start the harvesting process. Clients are the same. Show them how important they are by caring and nurturing them. Listen to them and take the time to understand them. Create an environment that says I’m not interested in how much you can pay me but I’m interested in seeing you be all you can be!

The coaching process goes through steps of development. Connecting, committing, communicating, and competing. I like to view it as the 4 C’s. Connecting is building the relationship between you and your client. Creating an environment that says we’re in this together. We’re moving forward together and we’re building together. Committing is going all in on what needs to be done. Know this isn’t going to be an easy process but what I can produce by going through this will be so life-altering. When you begin to taste success you start to crave it like a meal after you have been starving. Communicating is when trust has been built. Everything is open between the coach and the client. Rather you’re going to tell them they fell short or they’re not doing enough. Or their on track and we need to hit the next level communication is everything. If that open dialogue can’t be had we can’t grow. You can’t be pushed to where you need to go. Greatness can’t be achieved because we’re not willing to accept the coaching. This isn’t a fight this is a team bonding and moving in the direction of success. Finally competing how badly do you want this? If you’re not willing to compete to make yourself better. To be willing to take on hard tasks and challenge yourself. To be willing to discipline your mind and body in pursuit of the ultimate goal of excellence. Then you’re not giving up on just a coach. Most importantly you’re giving up on yourself. The pursuit of excellence is not an easy path. It is the path that achieves the most. It is a path for those who are willing to step in the light and be seen. Cause they become a beacon of excellence for all to see. Overcomers are timeless! Real leaders because they took control of their lives to make more out of it. As a coach, those are the people I live for! Be hungry to overcome because there’s nothing you can’t do!

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