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So I’ve been away for awhile 😅. If you read my blog enough you’ll probably notice the recurring theme 🤣. But I got to admit it’s for a good reason I promise! 🙏 I’ve been working hard! Honestly the time away gave me time to think without distractions. If you’re an entrepreneur you’ll understand how essential this time is!

For you to go anywhere you have to understand who you are and what you’re doing. Sometimes when you want to create a new direction it can be easy to get lost. A lot of it comes from the fact you’ve never done this before. You see things in all angles and the competition really becomes you against you!

Breaking beliefs, breaking habits, who am I at my core when you take everything away. This is truly the passion that I talk about, when you’re feeling it you have to be feeling it. See to walk in the path of entrepreneurship you have to believe it. You’re business is who you are and what you represent. Nobody else can tell you what that is. Because nobody’s lived the story you had.

Your experiences become the testimony of you’re character, ethics, morals, beliefs, hopes and dreams. This has to be what you see for your life. So you can learn to walk it effortlessly! You’re business should never be work. Never be a drag. It’s just waking up being the best me everyday and learning how to improve it. Only one person can ever build that story!

I’ve seen everything I am at my best, and at my worst. I’ve worked to correct and improve on every issue. I’ve studied 😒 LORD KNOWS I STUDIED 😂 I became a study freak. I wanted to learn everything I could about what I was interested in. What I wanted to create. I learned who and what feels right for me. I created boundaries and disciplines that I could never be distracted from the goal again.

I guess to make a long story short… I found me! And I’m ready to display this blog in full about me and what I’m about. I 100% back any guarantee I say. I have zero doubts in my abilities and what I can do. I’m excited for the growth of this project.

“So if you new, what it do!” (@christina) one of my favorite quotes ever 😂. Anybody whose been with me thanks for sticking around. I’m ready to grow any and everybody interested. Get ready for your business to takeoff! If you follow my steps I know you’ll become everything you dream of!

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