Too many! 🤣

What jobs have you had?

I got to say I’m enjoying answering these prompts. They don’t all fit in on the blog properly but this one today felt like a great opportunity to explain how I got started…

Honestly I don’t think I can name exactly how many jobs I’ve had, because so many was so insignificant I didn’t commit them to memory. My hand in the corporate world is what built my start to wanting to own my own business. The last job I had working for another company was really the catalyst to exploring entrepreneurship.

The owner of the business was the one who recognized things about me I didn’t even see in myself fully. He’s probably the closest thing to a mentor I had at the time because he explained his start, his growth, what he loves about young talent, even offered me 6 figure job whenever I was ready to take it. He pushed me to go back to school and pursue a degree just for the skills and knowledge I could gain. He’s one of my favorite people still to this day and couldn’t be more thankful for him!

From there that really got the ball rolling for me because I started to look at business practices and every place as an opportunity. I worked hard to hone my skills and master what really works for me. I understood the value of my opinion and insights I had to offer. By doing that I knew the way to always get max value for who I am, I had to do the work! To get recognized sometimes it just takes a moment. For some its luck or a coincidence. To others it’s being in the right place at the right time, to get recognized for all the work you’ve done for years comes down to this one moment.

I always like to ask the question: If you only had one shot to have everything you ever wanted, but it’s the most difficult thing you’d ever have to do in life would you take it? On the surface the easy answer is yes! At the same time those people don’t understand how much work and faith it takes to get there. How many days you question is it right or not!? When things happen on a schedule that pretty much gives the middle finger to yours 😂. This is the definition of entrepreneurship! The pay off for completing the process is worth more than any number you can ever put to it. It’s the true definition of determination! As much as everyone wants to have the success and the accolades. As much as everyone says they can do that. It’s a reason they’re not! That’s because it’s not meant for everyone! The right ones however will always do what’s necessary despite the odds!

That’s a true leader! 💯😏

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