Top 3 Impactful Books

List three books that have had an impact on you. Why?

When I was younger I didn’t like to read. Not because I wasn’t good at it, just most books didn’t capture my attention. The one’s I did read compared to now are completely different! With that being said these 3 books I’m about to list really changed my life completely.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This book was really my introduction to the behind the scenes of business and what makes things really possible. The story was extremely relatable to me. I also loved the trials he had to go through before he found his success, while hitting his stride to really create his vision. The explanation of the government and how your choice in career can really catapult or hinder you is A1. I would suggest this book to anybody trying to build their own business or understand what they want to do in life.

2. Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. I’m a big fan of philosophy, I love mythology, I love the Spartan mentality, I appreciate ancient wisdom. Most of these things tend to be lost to time or overlooked because nowadays most people can’t get over themselves. The way society had foundational pieces. The promotion of collaboration and ethics over selfishness and greed. The quality of the man Marcus Aurelius was striving to be, even with his own issues and trials he had to face. I got to say one of my favorite books I can read at any time! Taught me a lot that what I was trying to do and the way I was going about things wasn’t in vain. There’s always a better way if we choose it. You always know you’re going the right way when so many things and people try to stop you.

3. The Bible! This one might be controversial. Which is why I love it so much 😂😏. I could careless how y’all feel 🤣🤣🤣. I have a new found respect for this book. I was one of the people who had faith ruined by religion. It just never felt right didn’t agree with their teachings. Also the people who run those places (not saying every single person) but for the most part they not leaders in anyway. I can’t stand the do as I say, over the do as I do mindset. That just means you’re not an example and don’t practice what you preach. It’s so easy to become misguided and pushed into things you don’t want to do if you don’t think for yourself. A lot of the world goes off popular opinion or herd mentality. Everyone’s more interested in being in a crowd then doing what feels authentic to them. The Bible opens so many doors to authentic spiritual paths. You have things that you feel inside of you for a reason. When you start simple conversations think of how hard it is to get multiple people to agree on anything. So why do so many people turn a blind eye to faith over religion? A lot of that is based on what you can see. Just like career paths and building something new. It’s a concept and belief. Visualization and how you feel is so important to go about things. You incorporate that with guidelines and you have a line that can constantly be improved upon. One of the things most interesting to me was the explanation of factors in my life that made no sense. Why I was going through so many difficulties and hardships. How many stories of people who done the same just for being themselves and having an authentic direction. When I took time to read this book personally and do my own studying on it changed everything for me. I still go back and read certain sections at any point in time. Another book I’ve been through too many times!

Honorable mentions: Mindfulness book, Marketing, The book of five rings. These books were early in my start of business building. Five rings talks a lot about the journey of building alone. Mindfulness book is big on self awareness and development. And marketing is all I do pretty much 😂. If you don’t know how to talk and ways to promote yourself you can never be successful as an entrepreneur!

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