Transforming Time Into Startup Success


Time is the most finite thing we all have. We all have time until we don’t. There’s no set day or time when it runs out it just does at different times for each person. Knowing that how can you make the most use of your time? Is it solely just about working a 9-5 for 20-40 years until you finally get to enjoy your life? Is it about partying and just enjoying yourself because you only live once? Why not find a way to have the best of both worlds! All things are possible when it comes to time of you just utilize it properly.

How many times have you said to yourself while watching a show, or something on social media feed, I can do that! I could of thought of something like this! See one of the biggest drawbacks of time is we don’t maximize it. In this post today I want to give you 5 proven methods to take your time and transform it to Profitability and startup ready!

1. Reading! Reading is one of the best ways to research anything you want to know about. You don’t need a degree or a school which pretty much schedules your coursework and timeline. You can do that yourself! (even though I’ll be creating a course soon, so I very much would appreciate the support 😁😂) The goal of reading, even if you do a little bit each day, on subjects that matchup with what you do and what you want to create will progressively move towards success. Educating yourself with market research and analytics builds you a basis for creation.

2. Focus! Once you read on material take another small portion of time and focus on creativity. What did you learn? What did you gain from what you just read? How does it help you with what you want to create? Answering those few simple questions give you the focus on how to move forward. Using that small amount of material can give you a basis and guideline to build on. When you consistently improve on that you’re creating a foundation which aids your development!

3. Formulating! So you’ve gained information from reading. You’ve focused on key points and what you learned. Now you need to formulate a plan to move forward. How does that information advantage you, to grow what you want to build? This is where you use that find your niche, create a business plan, and idea on how to move your branding forward.

4. Authenticity! This is the way to set yourself apart from the competition. Too many people create businesses for the sole purpose of making money. We’re not interested in how we do things. Or what levels we stoop from profit, we just create profits. Nothing wrong with that plan but there’s 2 parties that constantly get left out. The business essentially sells what makes them special by pushing for profits. Almost like selling your soul to the devil. When you lose what makes you special to take on ego based marketing tactics solely looking for one thing. You lose the heart and soul of your business. The second party that gets left out is the consumer. When I want to create something I want it to be valuable. I want that value to give you something that grows and motivated you. I don’t sell dreams. I create objectives! There’s too many examples in life of how success is obtained. This isn’t something that’s impossible it’s more of something that probable. The only obstacle is yourself and would you put the time into create it. That’s why being authentic makes the goal so much easier because you’re doing what’s truly you, which leads me to my last point.

5. Passion! This is truly the driving force behind your business. When you do what you love it’s easier to grow. You’re passion shows in the quality of what you do. The regularity and frequency. It’s almost a plain that you stay on. You’re the status bar regardless of who sees it, believes it, agrees with it. Nobody else moves that bar but you. You’re passion is your blueprint of your business because this is who you are everyday. You bring a consistent quality to the table that’s hard to find. Which shows how capable and valuable you are to an industry that’s losing originality!

Create your dreams and follow your passion. Free time can be more than video games, tv, mindless scrolling, or watching other peoples lives. It can be the avenue to create your dream life!

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