Value of Self Reflection


Things change everyday, sometimes opportunities aren’t the same anymore. People come and go. Schedule hits a drastic change. Whatever it is we tend to be in a rush to hit what’s next. The older I get I feel the time to slow down, reflect, be patient, opens the doors for all the opportunities you really want. Let me explain

Just so everyone knows my opinion 😂

If you didn’t get the joke I always try to lean on how I feel when I do things. To do that I had to really learn myself. Learn from my experiences. The ups and downs. The failures! Everything happens for a reason. So when you take the time to diagnose them it helps give you a clear picture.

I always take the time to try to understand all the data. Then try to decipher exactly what’s my issue, and what’s needed to improve it. This gives you an opportunity to paint a clear picture of what’s going on.

Sometimes these opportunities need you to make adjustments and get active. Sometimes these are issues or obstacles which need more of time and observation. Things get put on pause for something. Doesn’t need to have anything to do with you. Life just happens sometimes. Finally, some of these issues are something that just needs to be cut off. Loose ends, take as a loss, nothing else to gain here.

When you clearly diagnose what exactly the problem is, how to move forward, and create the next opportunity, you’re ready to make the next step! The importance of knowing how to always take the next step comes from introspection.

So in conclusion… Don’t be afraid to relax sometimes 😂. I think we take life too seriously, without a clear enough picture. We feel the need to do something because we always run the rat race. The thing is, rats don’t go anywhere. You need to run the race to your goals. That race will always be about you!

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