What is a “Thought Leader”?

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A lot of people mention “thought leadership” so I wanted to do a blog post about this today. I believe personally this is a subjective topic. It’s hard to say accurately what it is because in it’s simplest form it’s an opinion. There’s no one way to be a leader. There’s no one thought that explains the way everyone should think. Perception is everything and how you think or create things is very important in this subject matter. Thought leaders hit multiple points and everyone can become a thought leader on a subject that inspires them and I’ll explain further in this post.

For one strong opinions is the foundation of this country. No matter where you go or what you like you’ll always here people who have an opinion on one side or the other of topics. Think about sports, best teams, greatest player, best coach. Multiple topics, multiple opinions. There’s no one way to say exactly who is what because it depends on what and who you like. I think this is the beauty of thought leadership. It allows you an opportunity to express your strong opinion, support it with facts and statistics, create a persuading argument, and show how much you really care about it. When it comes to leadership this is the definition of a strong one. Somebody whose not afraid to step out the box. Shows confidence and moves forward in a direction even when there’s no one with them. While standing on something they believe in.

I think to become a thought leader you need to separate yourself with what you do. You need a topic your passionate about. You need something to create a new viewpoint, that at the same time offers people a window to support or grow the topic. Leadership is something that starts individually. It’s grown and supported through one person doing the work. When a leader moves people it’s people who believe in the person. Believe in the subject. Believes they can help grow and add their perspective as well. Think about movements, you have a main person and leader behind it. At the same time you see strong people and strong opinions who support it and have stories to tell about it. You round all that off with experiences of how this person’s view caused a change in them that made them become inspired! This is how you truly create change and become a leader.

So if you want to become a thought leader, create change! Become an innovator! Cause growth. Support people who want to become passionate about something. You are the backbone to the process so never be afraid to stand alone on something. You always show real strength and faith in your subject when you do it against all odds. Take the time to truly know what you’re talking about. And lastly do your research as well. Opinions are great, facts are better, continued education is best! Don’t let it be an endpoint in your growth. No matter how much you know you’ll never know everything. What you can do is always keep yourself ahead with how much you know. This is the most important fact of being a leader. Becoming the best at it!

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